By Little Sister Deborah Vogt
For Big Sister Naomi Vogt 


Big Sister will be at the Theatre on the Edge Festival in Salmon Arm July 19th and 20th!
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BIG SISTER is coming back to Vancouver as part of The Cultch’s 2019/2020 Season! Single tickets on sale this August!

The Story:

Big Sister is a comedy about the relationship between two sisters and what happens when one of them changes. It is the true story of older sister/actor Naomi’s 70 pound weight loss, written through the perspective of younger sibling/writer Deborah. Big Sister explores a world of evil siblings, fat shaming, and unlikely collaboration.

A one-woman comedy about sisters. 


Vancouver Fringe Festival: Sept 6-16, 2018

Directed by: Jamie King
Stage Management/Sound Design: Jessica Keenan
Set Design: Magnolia Cairns


The Buzz:

"These are people with complicated relationships to fatness itself, and though the script communicates a desire to interrogate beauty standards and society’s hatred of and erasure of fat bodies, it ultimately reveals that the Vogt sisters... are still working on divesting themselves of their own internalized fat hatred."
-Andrea Warner, The Georgia Straight

"Most intriguingly, Big Sister considers how we construct our identities in reaction to those around us, including our siblings, and by filling the spaces they leave vacant."
-Colin Thomas, Fresh Sheet

Big Sister is bold, brave, and beautiful as it explores the relationship between two sisters who are not close, and how the process of creating this show has brought them together. It digs deep into their experiences with beauty standards and expectations through personal stories, anecdotes, and secrets shared with the audience.”
-Katie Gartlan-Close, Vancouver Presents


“Deborah remains silent but is obviously, actively Naomi’s foil, competition, nemesis and double. Their complex relationship is as much the crux of this fascinating piece as the fat shaming and female attractiveness that Naomi addresses.”
-Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Sun

“In a conversational, one woman show written by one sister and read/performed by the other, Big Sister leads you to ask yourself these questions. Although a comedy, it's probable that you may shed a tear as these performers expose their unabashed thoughts and feelings of and for each other and leave you with the final question… do you really know your sibling?”
-Karen Roller, Theatre Addicts

“What results is an authentic, vulnerable performance that was deeply moving. The performance unfolds as a conversation between sisters, and between playwright and performer, allowing for an exploration of the delicate balance of affection and resentment that is at the heart of many sibling relationships.”
-Laura Anne Harris, PRISM international

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