Produced by Stone's Throw Productions
at Pacific Theatre
April 20-23, 2017

Directed by: Jamie King

Creative Team: 

Costumes: Hannah May
Set: Calvin Baker
Lights: Nicole Weismiller
Sound: Matthew MacDonald-Bain

Stage Manager: Victoria Snashall

Co-Producer/Marketing: Danielle Klaudt
Co-Producer/Production Manager: Paige Louter


#11 - Jalen Saip
#25 - Camille Legg
#13 - Anjela Magpantay
#46 - Paige Louter
#2 - Amanda Sum
#7 - Danielle Klaudt
#14 - Alexandra Lainfiesta
#8 - Georgia Beaty
#00 - Kim Larson
Soccer Mom - Nikki Bryce


The Story:

A pack of adolescent girls prepares for battle on the soccer field. As they grapple with everything from pop culture to politics, the girls establish their identities as individuals and as a team. The competition is fierce as the championship looms. Who will come out on top?



Stephen Drover
Artistic Director,

Rumble Theatre:

“The Wolves is a remarkably courageous story of resilience, defiance, and strength. It taps into both the frustrated ethos of our youth and the steely-eyed determinism of a generation facing an uphill battle. Stone’s Throw Productions lifted their chins and faced the outstanding production challenge of this show head on: steering an ensemble cast of nine young women playing soccer and negotiating their complicated and turbulent relationships with each other. The result was an unforgettable evening of theatre that was visceral, exciting, pulsing, and drop-dead special. It made me want to raise my fist in triumph, scream into the night, and never, ever stop. I think that is what we are all trying to accomplish as we make theatre. This
young upstart company just did it.”


Amiel Gladstone
Interim Artistic Director, Touchstone Theatre:

“Jamie King's production of The Wolves was dynamic and filled me with hope about the next
round of emerging artists in town. The production reached a very high level in all aspects, starting with the choice of script, to strong clear direction, and well handled use of space and tech. The cast was working sensitively as an ensemble and had impressive range. It was the kind of theatre experience I relish and I look forward to seeing it again. If I had a venue, this
is exactly the kind of show I would be rushing to support.”

I wasn’t able to review this terrific production, but I’m so grateful to have experienced the rhythms of Sarah DeLappe’s script in Jamie King’s deft mounting. King’s casting was note-perfect, showcasing a number of emerging talents who I expect to see a lot more of very soon, and her staging—a cramped patch of astroturf in the intimate corridor space at Pacific Theatre—suited the material perfectly. I hope more people get a chance to see this production.
— Kathleen Oliver, Georgia Straight

Chelsea Haberlin
Associate Artistic Director,
Neworld Theatre:

“I was absolutely thrilled by the work done by the group of remarkable young women on The Wolves. Not only was the script superb and the direction smart and clear but each and every performance was strong. This is rare in a show with such a large cast and was very exciting to see. Jamie King is proving herself to be an innovative, intelligent and exciting young director as evidenced by this enthralling production. When I saw it on opening night the energy in the room was electric and the show felt completely alive. I hope very much that the show has an opportunity to have a second life. It deserves it.”


Sebastien Archibald
Co-Artistic Producer, ITSAZOO Productions:

“The Wolves was one of the best shows I've seen all year. Very surprising for an amateur production full of relative newcomers. Or, on the other hand, maybe not. There was a dynamic, youthful energy in this production rarely seen on Vancouver stages. Yet, there's a high calibre of production quality here that is rarely associated with a young group of artists working on a passion project. The direction was top notch, the overall production design was exciting and precise. And the performances were excellent. It was so refreshing to see so many talented young women sharing the stage together in a play that explores the dynamics of female relationships, competition, community, and the mind-bending perplexity of teenage life. I found myself alternating between nostalgia and relief. Nostalgia for the excitement and chaos teenage friendships and discoveries. And, at the same time, relieved that that part of my life is totally over. 'Cuz a lot of that stuff really sucked. Though I can't speak to the lived experience of a 16 year old girl growing up in 2017 there is an empathy and authenticity embedded in the text that cannot be ignored. This production is a vital piece of theatre that needs and deserves a much wider audience.”

Production Photos:

Promotional Pictures Courtesy of Catchfall Photography

Production Photos Courtesy of Emma Pollard