By Matthew Mackenzie



Creative Team:

Sound Design: Dylan McNulty
Lighting Design: Jamie King
Set Design: Nathan Barrett
Choreography/Movement: Noam Gagnon

Produced by the EASTWALL productions
in association with
Railtown Cultural Eclective

Performed by: Nathan Barrett

Directed by: Jamie King

Stage Manager: Victoria Snashall
Assistant Stage Manager: Tai Grauman


The Story

The Particulars is the story of Gordon. By day he forges systematically ahead, in control of every aspect of his life...but by night, the scratching which he has begun to hear in his walls is unravelling him, driving Gordon to the edge of cosmic desperation.


Previews & Buzz:

"Keeping a one man show engaging and impactful is a difficult task as it’s stripped of all the bells and whistles, exposing the core elements of live theatre. King and Barrett are working in their poorly lit small rehearsal space with this challenge in mind, they’re putting on a play that will make you laugh while delivering an important life lesson with a no bullshit attitude."
-Maya-Roisin Slater, Beatroute

"Barrett is a very physical actor. In this play, he does pushups, aerobics, dances to the tune of 70s disco music, and moves with a lot of versatility."
- Ed Farolan, Review Vancouver

"And while Barrett says he has the capacity to play big and small, he also is just happy to be acting in this one-man show: “It could be three people in the house I’m ecstatic. As long as there are more people than me in the audience I’m good,” he laughs."
-Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

Photo Gallery:

Promotional photos by Devin Kerringten
Productions photos by Anne Marie Slater