By Mika Laulainen


A star star theatre production

Wild Directed by Jamie King
Society Directed by Brian Cochrane

CAFF Fringe Tour (Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria and Vancouver) at various venues.
June-Sept, 2016

Stage Managed by Pippa Johnstone & Nico Dicecco

Performed by Mika Laulainen and Melissa Oei

Designs by Brian Cochrane, Jamie King, Mika Laulainen, & Melissa Oei

45 minutes

Picture of Melissa Oei and Mika Laulainen in WILD

The Story:

In the Oscar Wilde inspired WILD, forest animals face the housing market crisis. Rabbit aims to be the most popular city lady when she moves to the newest development in town. Raccoon couldn’t care less about social politics. Then, in the Beckett styled SOCIETY, two executive penguins bide their time after being forced into hiding. They get very drunk, very high, and deny global warming. A modern day pool party… but the weather is awfully cold for July. What will the city ladies think of Raccoon? What is this bulldozer doing outside? And what are all these icebergs doing in the pool?

Picture of Melissa Oei and Mika Laulainen in  SOCIETY

Picture of Melissa Oei and Mika Laulainen in SOCIETY


The Buzz:

“Their confessions surprise and entertain as you realize that these creatures aren’t nearly as cute as you were lead to believe at the outset. Wild/Society has much to say and Mika Laulainen and Melissa Oei are a pair of talented women who work brilliantly together. By the end you will be drowning in laughter as they meet their fate.”
-Melody Owen, PLANK Magazine: Two Wild Women On Society



“If you want to see a Fringe play that might drive social or political action, see WILD/SOCIETY!"


Picture of Melissa Oei and Mika Laulainen in WILD

Read a preview about this show and a discussion on enviro-theatre featuring interviews with Mika Laulainen of WILD/SOCIETY and Sasha Singer Wilson of My Ocean for Vancouver Fringe 2016
-Janet Smith, The Georgia Straight: Vancouver Fringe Festival Playwrights Wade Boldly into Eco Crisis